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Research activities

Group of Applied Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry

dr. Barbara Milani



Assistant Professor
University of Trieste
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Farmaceutiche
Phone: (+39)040-558 3956
E-mail: milaniba@units.it

CURRICULUM VITAE (updated March 2012)

Barbara Milani was born in 1965; she received the Master degree in Chemistry, cum laude, in 1989 at the University of Trieste (Italy). In 1994 she obtained the PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Trieste under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Mestroni. She spent several months at the ETH in Zürich doing research activity in the group of Prof. Giambattista Consiglio.
In 1998 she became Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Faculty of Science of University of Trieste. In 2010 she got the Accreditation for Advanced Research in Catalunya (Spain).


She regularly teaches at students of Chemistry, both at Bachelor and Master level. At Bachelor level she teaches the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry (5th semester); at the Master level she teaches Homogeneous Catalysis (2nd semester). During her Academic Career she taught Laboratory of General Chemistry (students of Chemistry, bachelor, 1st semester), General and Fundamental Chemistry (students of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Bachelor, 1st semester).
She regularly acts as supervisor for Bachelor and Master students working in the research labs for preparing the graduation thesis. She is supervisor of PhD students and Post-docs.
She has been appointed as Visiting Professor at ENSIACET (Toulouse, France) for 1 month. She taught at University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (Spain) inside the framework of ERASMUS exchange Teaching Staff Mobility.
She is the coordinator of the ERASMUS exchange for the area of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science.
She is the representative of University of Trieste in the National Interuniversity Consortium of Chemical Reactivity and Catalysis (CIRCC).
She is responsible for the 500 MHz NMR Varian spectrometer that was installed at the Department of Chemical Sciences on March 2008, and she gives the training for the use of the spectrometer to the users of the Department.
She participated as external examiner in some PhD thesis discussions at University of Amsterdam (NL), of Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (ES), of Strasbourg (F), of Sassari (I), of Venezia (I).


Her main research interest is related to the study of coordination and organometallic chemistry of late transition metals (in particular ruthenium, palladium and cobalt) with polydentate ligands and to the evaluation of their catalytic behavior for polymerization reactions, such as co- and terpolymerization of carbon monoxide with alkenes, homopolymerization of acrylates, copolymerization of terminal alkenes with polar monomers. Particular attention has been addressed to the factors affecting the stability of the catalyst and the control of the stereochemistry of the synthesized macromolecules.
She has been the scientist in charge of the following research grants:

Local Research Grants

2007-2008Scientist-in-charge for a Post doc position
"Regio- and stereocontrolled polymerization reactions catalyzed by late transition metals"

National Research Grants:

9/2008 - 8/2010Local Coordinator of the Italian Project PRIN 2007HMTJWP_002
"Catalysis for chemo- and stereocontrolled polymerization: powerful tool for the synthesis of new polymeric materials"
Central Coordinator: Prof. Serafino Gladiali Universitą di Sassari
1/2006 - 12/2007Local Coordinator of the Italian Project PRIN 2005035123
"Regio- and Stereocontrolled Polymerization and Post-polymerization Reactions Catalyzed by Late Transition Metal Complexes"
Central Coordinator: Prof. Serafino Gladiali Universitą di Sassari
1/2004 - 12/2005Local Coordinator of the Italian Project PRIN 2003033857
"Chiral nitrogen-donor ligands for asymmetric catalysis promoted by transition metals complexes. New tools for fine chemicals synthesis"
Central Coordinator: Prof. Serafino Gladiali Universitą di Sassari

International Research Grants:

2007-2011Member of Working Group N. D40/WG3
"C-C and C-Hetero Bond Forming Reactions"
COST Action D40 "Innovative Catalysis: New Processes and Selectivities"
2006 -2007Principal Italian Investigator for the Bilateral Action Italy/Germany "Vigoni"
"Development of efficient catalysts based on palladium and nitrogen-donor ligands for stereocontrolled polymerization reactions"
German Partner: Prof. Oliver Reiser, University of Regensburg
10/2002 - 9/2006Central Coordinator of a European Research Training Network
Title of the project: "Atom-economic synthesis using palladium, the chamaleon catalyst" "PALLADIUM"
5th Framework Program
6/2000 - 5/2006Coordinator of the Working Group "D17/0002/00"
Title of the project: "New catalysts for copolymerization of olefins and polar monomers"
COST Action D17

Industrial Research Grants

2008 - 2010Scientist-in-charge of contract with Marlin (Trieste) enterprise
"Development of new polymeric materials for environmentally friendly antifouling paints"

She successfully collaborates, and collaborated in the past, with several Italian and European Professors, some of them are mentioned below:

National Collaborations
Dr.ssa Carla Carfagna University of Urbino
Prof. Felice Faraone (retired) University of Messina
Prof. Serafino Gladiali (retired) University of Sassari
Prof. Alceo Macchioni University of Perugia
Prof. Fabio Ragaini University of Milano
Dott.ssa Roberta Seraglia CNR of Padova
Prof. Ennio Zangrando University of Trieste
Prof. Paolo Fornasiero University of Trieste
Prof. Fabio Benedetti University of Trieste
Prof.ssa Fulvia Felluga University of Trieste

International Collaborations
Prof. Martin Albrecht University College of Dublin (Ireland)
Prof. Sergio Castillon Universitą di Tarragona (Spain)
Prof. Carmen Claver University Roviria i Virgili of Tarragona (Spain)
Prof. Giambattista Consiglio (retired) ETH of Zürich (Switzerland)
Prof. Cornelis J. Elsevier UvA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Prof. Moshe Kol University of Tel Aviv (Israel)
Prof. Anna Masdeu Universitą di Tarragona (Spain)
Prof. Piet van Leeuwen ICIQ of Tarragona (Spain)
Prof. Oliver Reiser University of Regensburg (Germany)
Prof. Dieter Vogt TU/e (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

In the period 2007-2009 she was a member of the Advisory Board of European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, and she currently is a member of the Advisory Board of Dalton Transactions and of International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis (ISHC).
She was the Co-editor of Helvetica Chimica Acta, 2006, 89 (8): special issue dedicated to Prof.Giambattista Consiglio;
Dalton Transactions themed issue on "Metal-catalysed polymerisation" issue 41, 2009.

Publications results disseminations
Dr. Milani (H index 20) is co-author of 59 publications (including 2 chapter books), 7 patents. She presented the results of her research activity at National and International Conferences as invited, keynote and session lecturer, as well as to other Universities and Industries (Shell, DSM). She participated at many conferences also presenting the results as poster contributions.
The list of publications is reported below.