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Group of Applied Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry


  1. I. Bratsos,* C. Simonin, E. Zangrando, T. Gianferrara, A. Bergamo, E. Alessio*
    New half sandwich-type Ru(II) coordination compounds characterized by the fac-Ru(dmso-S)3 fragment: influence of the face-capping group on the chemical behavior and in vitro anticancer activity.
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  2. I. Bratsos,* D. Urankar, E. Zangrando, P. Genova-Kalou, J. Košmrlj, E. Alessio, I. Turel*
    1-(2-picolyl)-substituted 1,2,3-triazole as novel chelating ligand for the preparation of ruthenium complexes with potential anticancer activity.
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