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Session on HORIZON 2020 and research opportunities in Central Europe

 Thursday, September 12, from 15.30 to 18.00

Download pdf of the full program of the Horizon 2020 event.

Thursday, September 12.
Building H3

15.30 Session on Horizon 2020 and Central Europe
Chair: Lucia Gardossi, University of Trieste

15.30 Introduction
Maurizio Fermeglia, Rector of UniversitÓ degli Studi di Trieste.

15.45 HORIZON 2020: Key Enabling Technologies.
Tomasz Calikowski, European Commission, RTD-E2: Biotechnologies.  

16.05 Excellent Science and PEOPLE: funding opportunities and support provided by APRE – Area Science Park to mobility.
Ginevra Tonini , APRE-Area Science Park  

16.30 EU Regional Policy: funding opportunities for Central Europe, topics and priorities.
Stefano Brumat, Office for European Social Fund of University of Trieste.

 16.50 Introduction to the brokerage session: illustration of results of the survey and proposal for the implementation of a shared database.

17.00 Brokerage session.
Coordinators: Stefano Brumat (University of Trieste), Lucia Gardossi, (University of Trieste), Manuela Masutti (AREA-Science Park, Trieste)

  • using information provided by participant through the survey for setting the basis of potential consortia (PEOPLE, COST actions, ERC-Synergy/FET)
  • identification of priorities of common interest in HORIZON and European Regional Development programs  for implementation of future research networks

18.00 Illustration of cases of success in planning and coordinating EU projects:
The “trans2care project”: Sabina Passamonti, University of Trieste
 The “PLASTICE project”: Petra Horvat, Technology National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana
The “EMILIE” project: Manuela Masutti (AREA-Science Park, Trieste)
Open discussion
18.30 Closing

The organizing committee believes that times are mature to enlarge the scope of the conference beyond the pure scientific event and to create the foundations for a permanent “environment” where the R&D potential of Central Europe acquires voice and solidity.

The historical and cultural drives:

  • On July 1st Croatia joined the EU.
  • Trieste represents, historically, a strategic door towards Eastern Europe and the Balkans, located in a multicultural geographical area characterized by remarkable permeable borders.
  • The city of Trieste and its University have a specific vocation for integrating cultures, religions and ethnic groups. In the last decades this vocation has been directed specifically towards the international scientific community (more than 8% students comes from eastern and middle eastern Countries; Trieste University is member of the Danube Rector Conference; Trieste host sabout a dozen international scientific institutions).

The session:  
As a starting point, a session has been programmed on Thursday afternoon with the aim of illustrating Horizon 2020 and further opportunities for collaborations within EU.  
  • A representative of the Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission will illustrate Horizon 2020 but will also discuss the most effective routes for integrating and valorizing Central European R&D for shared benefits.
  • Distinguished representatives of R&D institutions will be present to attest to their successful experience in managing/coordinating FP7 and Central European projects/programs.
  • A database for promoting the creation of “embryonic” EU research consortia is under construction and this will be illustrated within the framework of the conference. Participants will receive a form to express their interest in taking part in research consortia or programs.
  • Finally, Trieste University would like to launch and lead an initiative aimed at channeling information, but also specific needs, towards political, economic, industrial stakeholders. The ultimate objective will be a more effective participation of Central European R&D institutions in Horizon 2020. The Rector of Trieste University strongly supports  this initiative and he will participate personally at the session.
  • An open discussion will follow