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The organising committee of the 6th Central European Conference - Chemistry towards Biology is pleased to announce that a significant number of conference scholarships will be made available to full time students and young researchers.

Scholarship Format
Scholarships will cover the cost of registration and accommodation for the duration of the conference (3 nights) at the student guest house of the University of Trieste. Accommodation is in single rooms. Two rooms share one bathroom.

The scholarship application process is open to:
         - Full time Ph. D students.
         - Post-doctoral fellows under the age of 32 on the first day of the conference.

Scholarships will only be awarded to candidates who are indicated on a submitted abstract (oral or poster presentation) as the presenting author. The eligibility of the candidate to apply for a scholarship must  be certified by the candidate's supervisor. (see below)

Application Procedure

Applications for scholarships will be possibile from April 24, 2013 to June 3, 2013 inclusive.

As eligibility is  limited  to candidates who are indicated as presenting authors, the scholarship application process should be coupled with the abstract submission process. Furthermore, a letter from the candidates's supervisor attesting to the eligibility of the candidate must also be submitted.

To apply for a scholarship a single e-mail should be sent to the organising Secretariat  ( before June 3 2013. To correctly complete the application process, the e-mail must contain the following attachments:

(1) A  compiled scholarship application form. Scholarship application form in word format.
(2) An abstract in which the candidate is indicated as the presenting author. This attachment is  also valid as the submission of the abstract, which should not be submitted separately. Abstract template in  word format.
(3) A simple declaration from the candidate's supervisor attesting to the candidate's eligibility.

Please note that an electronic signature is NOT necessary. 
Feedback on the application will be provided by June 15 2013.